Mankind by Minimal Violence featuring Blackhaine

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Today the Canadian duo Minimal Violence are officially releasing their ‘Phase Two’ record as a part of their ‘DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST’ trilogy series on Berlin’s legendary Tresor Records. The fierce tracks have been piercing through the latest hard-hitting radio shows and digital club platforms in the last few weeks.

Along with the release, we present “Mankind” — Minimal Violence’s video featuring Salford-based choreographer, MC, poet, and performer Blackhaine filmed by Rawtape. He is also the founder of a deconstruction dance project, “All Choreographers are Bastards.”

The live hardware techno duo is Ash Luk and Lida P’s, who started making music together back in 2015 in Vancouver. Their fierce sound is described as “cinematic melodies cut into a clattering rave hole, unceasingly revising the gravitational pull in each direction. The unhinged endorphin rush of surging EBM style bass and rough-handed rhythms.”

Blackhaine practice concerns deconstructive and exhaustive techniques contained within sound, film, and movement. His brutal, unique physique and gestures have been featured in multiple art and music collaborations, addressing urgency, escapism, and nothingness. In the Minimal Violence’s video, Blackhaine’s glitched intensity is the physical translation of the tense and raw EBM monster “Mankind.”