Inertia by Voin Oruwu and Simon Kounovsky

  • music
  • Voin Oruwu
  • video
  • Simon Kounovsky

Within the 20-minute VR experience, the artists narrate a five-act piece revolving around human’s distorted and toxic relationship to the earth and its resources and environment from an abstract and dystopic perspective. In each of the five acts, symbols and metaphors for contemporary ecological problems are being touched, eventually leading the viewer on an interactive trip into their own consciousness. The five acts of Inertia are:  Tumble GatesEndlessEarly VoicesNever AgainHeritage.

Each act highlights a specific problem: the first one depicts an oil slick rising into the air from the bowels of the earth; the second displays a debris beast, which absorbs waste until it becomes indescribably monstrous; the third act pictures smog; the fourth one – the virus; the fifth portrays the human, as the cause of all troubles and the only salvation.

Voin Oruwu also known as Koloah is the project of Dmytro Avksentiev, composer and DJ from Kyiv, Ukraine. Under Voin Oruwu alias, Dmytro explores his love of cinematography and mystical matters.

Simon Kounovsky is a 3D artist who works under the name ‘Axonbody.’ In his work, he builds dreamscapes with mystical, futuristic backdrops, blue tones, and metallic objects. Apart from motion and video design, he also creates sculptures and installations.