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Like for many of us, it’s been time for them to go back in time and space to where they began and deep dive into what’s been real and what’s turned out to be fake. The portraits of Farwarmth, Nazar, and Racine tell their stories from a similar perspective — the relation of their newly released albums to memories, identities, and intentions for music-making. It’s been time to return to the pristine, almost naive mindset. Time to come back home. 

For the first time, we’ve decided on two different covers — with Helena Hauff and Bill Kouligas. Both artists have been defining for the electronic music scene. The electro nonconformist who headlines packed festivals, dares to empty dancefloors, and has no social media. And the founder of PAN records — the leading voice of electronic music and experimental club art. Both artists are captured in the shadows of their hometowns, Hamburg and Athens, thousands of kilometers away from each other, both away from dance floors and Funktion-One, both close to nature and childhood memories. Like everyone in the issue, they return to places where it all started and reconnect with what mattered in the beginning — music and big dreams. The two covers are also our way to reflect the fractured and uncertain state of the independent music scene right now, where a single solution is nowhere to be found.

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