The Shapeshifting Lore of Honour

Honour during and after Atonal premier

Speeding Towards Eternal Light with Corin

Corin reflects on Lux Athena performed at Berlin Atonal

In The Mountains Of Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing leads you towards the light

from coming home

Rrose’s Paradox of Everything

Rrose finds techno not only on the dance floor. Their techno lives even in plants

Culture of Darkness with Alessandro Adriani

Cave is a place of absolute darkness. It is also where the primary source of life is hidden.

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from dark side

Rave Mantras With Aïsha Devi

What is similar between the loops and repetition of electronic music on the throbbing techno dancefloor and an ancient shamanic ritual in a virgin rainforest?

Leap Forward or Slow Death:
Jeff Mills’s Techno Predictions

The legendary producer and DJ speculates on the future in outer space and sentences techno to a slow decadence. Let’s push the genre he co-created far beyond the dancefloor and prove him wrong and hopeful.

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from sound mind

from the archive